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NOUN – the action of delaying or postponing something.

Let’s rewind many years back to 2008. I kept running across groups and associations for many different ethnicities and segments of population but when it came to Hispanic and Latino executives or business owners, there was very little available online. So I launched a website and had a bit of momentum but eventually the effort fizzled out.

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This is me! Well sort of…

I took the site down but kept the domain name thinking that I would come back to the idea and really dedicate some time to it. Weeks turned into months which led into years. Now after so much time I still don’t see the types of resources I believe should be available to an influential and expanding population segment that has remained under the radar.

This reboot is intended to serve as a resource for the Hispanic and Latino small business owners and professionals of the world. I’ve been in financial services for 20+ years, plus a small business owner for a big part of that, and felt there was value to the sharing lessons learned, career advice, and providing networking opportunities for those with similar likes and interests.

Why hide my identity with a cartoon avatar? Well it’s an unfortunate product of today’s society where opinions can be misinterpreted or taken out of context creating a potential risk to my livelihood or even family. Not that I plan on doing or saying anything that I wouldn’t stand behind but this is supposed to be a benefit to our community and nothing more.

So welcome, everyone! Please feel free to join into our discussion, provide feedback, or even contribute to this community. Fill out the form below to contact me directly: