Best Email Marketing Tools to Automate your Campaigns

Best Email Marketing Tools to Automate your Campaigns

According to the numbers, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a community around your product or service. It is much more accepted by customers who don’t perceive it as invasive as telemarketing or text messages. Also, email marketing is a safe way to get contacts and collect information passively about the quality of your content and how the public is responding to it. After all, they gave you their emails in the first place for a reason. They already show you interest or trust in your content, and the goal is to keep it that way.

However, running a mailing list to send out newsletters, offers, promotions, or just keeping in touch with customers can be back-breaking work and really isn’t something that you should do manually. You can’t do email marketing without help. There are plenty of email marketing tools that will help you with this task and many other associated processes such as an automatic resend of certain information or the verification of the authenticity of emails.

Another interesting function of these email marketing tools is the possibility of integrating into your sales process, either through reminders or also by confirming orders and even responding automatically to some of your customers’ requirements. These repetitive activities, which are often time consuming, are extremely important to keep the business running and in tune with the speed at which everything is currently moving.

In the following list, we will detail each of the most popular email marketing tools to automate your campaigns, create contact lists and email, among other topics of great help to communicate in this way with your clients and community.

Uberflip is not as well known as other email marketing tools, but it is highly recommended if you want an application that allows you to launch quickly and without a lot of settings. However, despite the ease of use, Uberflip will help you organize all your content into actionable email marketing campaigns that will allow your prospects to move faster through your sales funnel. They achieve this through a detailed analysis of how the consumers of the mailing list are reacting to the content and the statistics that will allow you to adjust the content in your campaigns.

Uberflip is an excellent choice for email marketing and is easy to use.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular applications, especially among content creators or influencers. This is because of ease of use and also the fact that most of their services, or at least the most important ones, are free. However, Mailchimp is not only an email marketing tool, it also offers a wide variety of services aimed at improving your online presence, marketing your business and especially knowing your audience. They achieve this through the collection of certain data from your audience which facilitates segmentation and in the long run, will translate into a greater accumulated knowledge of your audience and the possibility of generating content that will drive into sales. Other interesting services include the ability to edit your visual content on the same platform which can add interesting extras even if you use other tools for this purpose.

So, as you can see, Mailchimp is not only an email marketing tool for marketing automation, you can also have built pages and complete other marketing aspects with them, so it is worth trying.

GetResponse brings together a series of simple tools that will allow you to send emails to your audience, design entry pages, and automate your marketing campaigns. A great help is the huge number of templates available to generate communications to your clients by email and configure automatic responses. A functionality that is sometimes ignored is the possibility to check in advance how your emails will look both on desktop and on mobile devices.

GetResponse is a good email marketing tool for starters and is perfect for marketing automation and email campaigns.

One of the best aspects of Sender is its “free forever” plans, which make it the ideal tool for small businesses that are just building their audience. The tools for designing email campaigns are extremely intuitive and will allow you to get to work without requiring excessive effort. It is also possible to use Sender for other types of email communications such as welcome to new consumers, reminders of shopping carts awaiting completion, and even purchase confirmations. All this is possible to achieve because of the “workflow” tool that Sender has and which can easily integrate into your website or shopping site. This makes Sender an ideal tool for electronic commerce.

Sender is a great free email marketing tool, perfect for marketing automation, with a drag-and-drop editor for email building ideal for small business.

Sendinblue offers various tools for digital campaigns and online sales. On the side of email campaigns, Sendinblue will help you send communications to all your customers in a simple and intuitive way, and in case that you prefer, you can also send SMS. Other possible useful services include the possibility of integrating into your e-commerce process and sending various emails and/or information to your customers, for example, purchase confirmations.

Sending blue is a free email marketing tool as well, with drag-and-drop features perfect for starters and people that are trying to do their marketing by themselves.

Omnisend is a great service to help you create beautiful communications for your customers from scratch and also, like many other services on this list, it can also be integrated into your e-commerce process to help you confirm and close sales. Besides that, Omnisend also collects various information about the interactions of your audience with the content sent by mail, which will allow you to get relevant information to improve your campaigns and content.

SendPulse is like other services on the list, but it also includes other innovative features such as the ability to send SMS and also to create chat assistants on your website. To do this, it has simple workflow and response tools that will allow you to configure these functions without causing you many headaches. These “bots” can be programmed to work on Facebook and Telegram. The email editor, while not the best on the market, has interesting features that will allow you to configure competent and actionable communications. On the other hand, SendPulse offers statistics related to the campaigns sent through its platform, which is always an interesting addition to adjust your content on the fly and save money.

SendPulse has free email marketing features, and its free plans include more emails than most of the free email marketing tools out there.

Benchmark is a competent service to automate your campaigns, but one aspect where it really shines is how good it is to help you increase your audience. Benchmark achieves this through different tools that will help you build your contact list effectively and the possibility of sending surveys and actionable questions through emails. This besides pushing your customers to have more commitment to your content helps to get much more information from them and segment them much more effectively.

Benchmark offers similar services to other tools already listed, including the possibility of integrating into your e-commerce process and with other social media as well.

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