Best Email Marketing Tools to Automate your Campaigns

Best Email Marketing Tools to Automate your Campaigns

According to the numbers, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a community around your product or service. It is much more accepted by customers who don’t perceive it as invasive as telemarketing or text messages. Also, email marketing is a safe way to get contacts and collect information passively about the quality of your content and how the public is responding to it. After all, they gave you their emails in the first place for a reason. They already show you interest or trust in your content, and the goal is to keep it that way.

However, running a mailing list to send out newsletters, offers, promotions, or just keeping in touch with customers can be back-breaking work and really isn’t something that you should do manually. You can’t do email marketing without help. There are plenty of email marketing tools that will help you with this task and many other associated processes such as an automatic resend of certain information or the verification of the authenticity of emails.

Another interesting function of these email marketing tools is the possibility of integrating into your sales process, either through reminders or also by confirming orders and even responding automatically to some of your customers’ requirements. These repetitive activities, which are often time consuming, are extremely important to keep the business running and in tune with the speed at which everything is currently moving.

In the following list, we will detail each of the most popular email marketing tools to automate your campaigns, create contact lists and email, among other topics of great help to communicate in this way with your clients and community.

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