Most Popular Ecommerce Payment Solutions for Small Businesses

There is no business if you don’t have a solid payment solution system built into your ecommerce site. Selling online depends on being able to accept money online, having options that are easy to use for your customers, and easy for you to implement and manage on the backend.

There are a few things that are really important to get right when it comes to processing payments. Number one is security. That includes encryption methods, fraud protection, and chargeback policies. When you choose your payment gateway, make sure security is a major consideration.

Another important aspect of choosing the right payment gateway is convenience. To improve your relationship (and brand loyalty) with your customers, make it easy for them to pay you. That may mean including multiple options that would appeal to your diverse customer base.

Last, but not least, you want a payment solution that is easy to install on your ecommerce site, integrate with your existing platforms, and manage the analytics on the backend. 

Choosing the right payment gateways for your specific business needs can be a daunting task upfront, however once you make the right choice, it will be a once-and-done task. We provide you our best recommendations in this list.

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  1. Paypal is a great payment solution and most sites and online businesses accept it and use it. They do have their problems (like any other platform) like their support is lacking and is hard to reach and there are sometimes delays in payments. But, they seem to be a trustworthy company that you can count on in most cases.

    1. I heard a lot of horror stories about people losing money or having money blocked because of errors by Paypal, so I’m not very sure about them. Haven’t yet used it myself and I will probably have to in the near future, so I guess I will be able to form a personal opinion when I use it. Stripe is something I do use and it works well. Unfortunately this system is not so widely known or used so trying Paypal is a must I feel.

      1. Have used a few of them: Apple Pay, Square, Paypal and Helcim. All are good, some are better for particular needs or platforms but overall Paypal seems to be a bit better or let’s say it can be used in more cases.

        1. Yeah, I will give Paypal a fighting chance. It’s just that I heard several stories from disappointed people that had to deal with serious problems because of Paypal. I know that there isn’t a tool or platform out there that is perfect, I just want to use something I can rely on and something where I can get help if I need it.