Best Digital Marketing Tools for Paid Advertising

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing is here to stay, but that is not necessarily something to worry about. We can perceive Digital Marketing as something complicated to handle, but the truth is that Digital Marketing is still… marketing. The only thing different is the media and the broad aspect that almost every person has access to the internet.

However, it is important to differentiate what you know as a user about the internet and social media and what it means to market through those channels. Because almost everyone can navigate and sign themselves on social media, there is a common bias about what people “want” and what action a business can take to have more leads. It is crucial that you take the steps to surpass this bias and make informed decisions about how to market your product or service, especially if you are a small business and can’t afford to hire a marketing agency, yet.

You can do that by yourself or with a small team using the right tools available online. These tools can help you with every aspect you have to consider while crafting your digital marketing strategy. From keywords, social media management, email marketing, customer service offline or real-time, marketing automation, search engine optimization, SEO tools, inbound marketing, schedule social media posts, to virtually everything you can think of, the digital marketing tools listed below will help you with everything you will need.

The fundamental idea is you get a sense of what are the best tools available out there, but also learn about what activities are necessary for your digital marketing strategy. So read on.

Since 2018, Semrush has been recognized as one of the best tools for the optimization of web pages and rankings. Since that year they have done nothing but expand their services and today they have utilities to cover virtually all aspects necessary for web optimization. With over 40 tools available, with Semrush you can find the keywords that apply to your niche, audit your site to “improve your health”, analyze your competition, and even manage your social networks. Semrush really has a tool for everything, but where it really shines is the optimization of both local and global pages.

SEMRush is one of the most complete search engine marketing tools and keyword research apps that will help you significantly to improve your digital marketing strategy

Google Page Speed is not a tool to do SEM properly, but it is a good starting point to analyze your web page with direct information from the largest search engine. Consider inserting your website’s URL here and considering Google recommendations. There is nothing to lose, it is absolutely free.

Google Page Speed will help you with your search engine marketing strategy and also have a different understanding of search results, SEM tools, and quality score.

One issue to consider when optimizing your website is whether it is convenient for you to focus more on your local customers. This will depend, of course, on the type of product or service you offer and if it is only available to customers who gravitate around you. If that is the case, it will be much more convenient for you to focus on improving your ranking with the local listing and adjust your content to attract local leads. Tools to optimize for local SEO do not differ too much from other more generalized tools, but it is always good to have more specialized help for our needs. With Moz, it is possible to have both elements besides traditional SEM tools such as keyword research and website audits.

Moz can be a significant deal for your search engine marketing process and your digital marketing strategy. It’s a complete SEM tool.

Keyword Tool is a simple tool that will allow you to get a quick analysis of the keywords on the most important search engines and also on the most prominent social networks, such as Twitter or Instagram. There is a professional version for Instagram, but in reality, you can take advantage of its free/low-cost version to adjust your content to the most searched words on the web and also on social networks.

Keyword Tool can be a complementary step in your search engine marketing process. It’s also very similar to Google Keyword planner.

Yoast is without a doubt one of the most popular tools to perform SEM optimization. There are many reasons, but probably most of them are associated with its ease of use and also its complete integration with WordPress, which continues to be the preferred platform for hosting websites. If you want to start in the world of SEM optimization, Yoast is a great option and perhaps the best if you work with WordPress. Yoast has a large community of users and libraries from which you can learn the best optimization techniques on your own and according to themselves, you will not need to hire an SEO expert.

Browseo is not a tool that will help you optimize your page conventionally or directly. Browseo is an “SEO browser” that will allow you to identify which part of your website’s content applies to search engines and listings. It is a simple tool that will allow you to cross information between your own website and your competition’s, for example.

Browseo can be another complementary tool in your search engine marketing plan and can be an unexpected helpful marketing helper.

XML-Sitemaps is a great help to get a general understanding of how your website is organized, to get a “map” of it. This map can then be submitted to search engines to help them determine your website more effectively and can also help you organize your page and make it easier for your visitors to find information. Carrying out actions aimed at intuitively organizing your web pages will undoubtedly help you position yourself better in search engines and can be considered as an SEM process.

XML-Sitemaps is a tool to do extra steps in order to improve your search engine marketing SEM ranking and can be an extra step to do along if you already have other SEM tools.

SimilarWeb is a service that will help you achieve SEM optimization by comparison against the content of your competition. SimilarWeb offers a different way to do SEM based on the differentiation regarding your competitors. For this, it focuses on 3 great services. First is the digital marketing part, where according to your selected niche, its tool will reveal the most effective strategies used by the market and those of your competition. Second, we have the “smart research” side that will allow you to explore your market, discover trends before others, and analyze your competitive advantages. They base the third service on the sales funnel, where Similar Web will help you with strategies to expand your sales funnel and attract more prospects.

SimilarWeb will offer you another side of search engine marketing SEM, and can be helpful if you are participating in a tight market.

Uberflip is not as well known as other email marketing tools, but it is highly recommended if you want an application that allows you to launch quickly and without a lot of settings. However, despite the ease of use, Uberflip will help you organize all your content into actionable email marketing campaigns that will allow your prospects to move faster through your sales funnel. They achieve this through a detailed analysis of how the consumers of the mailing list are reacting to the content and the statistics that will allow you to adjust the content in your campaigns.

Uberflip is an excellent choice for email marketing and is easy to use.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular applications, especially among content creators or influencers. This is because of ease of use and also the fact that most of their services, or at least the most important ones, are free. However, Mailchimp is not only an email marketing tool, it also offers a wide variety of services aimed at improving your online presence, marketing your business and especially knowing your audience. They achieve this through the collection of certain data from your audience which facilitates segmentation and in the long run, will translate into a greater accumulated knowledge of your audience and the possibility of generating content that will drive into sales. Other interesting services include the ability to edit your visual content on the same platform which can add interesting extras even if you use other tools for this purpose.

So, as you can see, Mailchimp is not only an email marketing tool for marketing automation, you can also have built pages and complete other marketing aspects with them, so it is worth trying.

GetResponse brings together a series of simple tools that will allow you to send emails to your audience, design entry pages, and automate your marketing campaigns. A great help is the huge number of templates available to generate communications to your clients by email and configure automatic responses. A functionality that is sometimes ignored is the possibility to check in advance how your emails will look both on desktop and on mobile devices.

GetResponse is a good email marketing tool for starters and is perfect for marketing automation and email campaigns.

One of the best aspects of Sender is its “free forever” plans, which make it the ideal tool for small businesses that are just building their audience. The tools for designing email campaigns are extremely intuitive and will allow you to get to work without requiring excessive effort. It is also possible to use Sender for other types of email communications such as welcome to new consumers, reminders of shopping carts awaiting completion, and even purchase confirmations. All this is possible to achieve because of the “workflow” tool that Sender has and which can easily integrate into your website or shopping site. This makes Sender an ideal tool for electronic commerce.

Sender is a great free email marketing tool, perfect for marketing automation, with a drag-and-drop editor for email building ideal for small business.

Sendinblue offers various tools for digital campaigns and online sales. On the side of email campaigns, Sendinblue will help you send communications to all your customers in a simple and intuitive way, and in case that you prefer, you can also send SMS. Other possible useful services include the possibility of integrating into your e-commerce process and sending various emails and/or information to your customers, for example, purchase confirmations.

Sending blue is a free email marketing tool as well, with drag-and-drop features perfect for starters and people that are trying to do their marketing by themselves.

Omnisend is a great service to help you create beautiful communications for your customers from scratch and also, like many other services on this list, it can also be integrated into your e-commerce process to help you confirm and close sales. Besides that, Omnisend also collects various information about the interactions of your audience with the content sent by mail, which will allow you to get relevant information to improve your campaigns and content.

SendPulse is like other services on the list, but it also includes other innovative features such as the ability to send SMS and also to create chat assistants on your website. To do this, it has simple workflow and response tools that will allow you to configure these functions without causing you many headaches. These “bots” can be programmed to work on Facebook and Telegram. The email editor, while not the best on the market, has interesting features that will allow you to configure competent and actionable communications. On the other hand, SendPulse offers statistics related to the campaigns sent through its platform, which is always an interesting addition to adjust your content on the fly and save money.

SendPulse has free email marketing features, and its free plans include more emails than most of the free email marketing tools out there.

Benchmark is a competent service to automate your campaigns, but one aspect where it really shines is how good it is to help you increase your audience. Benchmark achieves this through different tools that will help you build your contact list effectively and the possibility of sending surveys and actionable questions through emails. This besides pushing your customers to have more commitment to your content helps to get much more information from them and segment them much more effectively.

Benchmark offers similar services to other tools already listed, including the possibility of integrating into your e-commerce process and with other social media as well.

You may be willing to do it, but one of the first steps to stand out on social media is the design of your publications. It is essential to stand out with good taste, excellent photographs, and good typography so that our message can attract attention and capture our clients in the first seconds. With Canva it is possible to do that because it has an incredible catalog of design templates, a free-use photo bank, and an infinite variety of fonts so, although many professional designers reject the platform in Canva you can do the job competently and the limit will be your good taste.

Canva has an incredible amount of functionality even in its free version, so we highly recommend that you try it for stunning social media.

Although it is not exactly a marketing tool for social media, FunctionFox is worth reviewing for one reason: it is an application whose aim is to encourage creativity in marketing teams since it allows to classify and monitor activities of this nature in a way much simpler. It is even useful for the work of a single person, as it will allow you to keep track of hours.

It is ideal if your marketing team is growing, but you still want to monitor all your advertising campaigns and processes on social media.

Although it is not exactly a marketing tool for social media, FunctionFox is worth reviewing for one reason: it is an application whose aim is to encourage creativity in marketing teams since it allows to classify and monitor activities of this nature in a way much simpler. It is even useful for the work of a single person, as it will allow you to keep track of hours.

It is ideal if your marketing team is growing, but you still want to monitor all your advertising campaigns and processes on social media.

Brand24 is a fairly complete social media marketing tool that will help you handle most of the aspects involved in this process on your own. First-hand, it will provide you with tools to identify how your consumers feel about your product or service. It will also help you improve the speed and quality of your social media interactions in an automated and realistic way. In case your business deserves it, Brand24 will help you find influencers in your market niche who always gives that necessary extra boost to make your business known.

Audiense is a set of marketing tools for social media that will allow you to find new audiences for your products and services and segment them intuitively, allowing you to get the most out of them. Its segmentation through networks will allow you to find more quickly the niches where your product can be more effective. In addition, it will provide you with different details about the different segments that will allow you to adjust your content or communication plans.

Socialbakers will allow you to monitor the performance of your content on social media and the quality of interactions intuitively and allow you to correlate them between different social media. This will provide a global perspective of how customers perceive your products and is especially useful if your marketing plan includes participation in over two social media. We know that the type of user and consumer can vary according to the social media where you have participated, and a cross-analysis will allow you to get the best results on all the platforms where you take part.

Other services include the generation of statistics and reports where you can see separately the results of your content and organic positioning versus paid content.

If your preferred social media network is Twitter, Followerwonk is the ideal social media marketing tool for you. Basically, it will help you find users related to your brand through an analysis of bios, and find influencers on Twitter related to your brand. After those first steps, Followerwonk will help you analyze your data and assess your relationships on Twitter to offer you optimization tools, both for content and follower automation.

Agorapulse is a good start for managing various social media, but it works especially well with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Agorapulse offers you a complete content management suite that will allow you to program your content (social media scheduling), get analytical reports, and interact with your followers on social media in a simple and intuitive way. It is one of the cheapest social media tools on the market, with a good price-quality ratio.

Tailwind is a unique social media content creation tool for Facebook and Instagram. It will save you time because of the possibility of scheduling multiple publications and placing them on an extremely intuitive calendar. In addition, it will suggest the best hashtags for your segment or according to the type of publication. It is especially useful for monitoring pin performance on Pinterest. If your marketing plan includes Pinterest as the main social network, Tailwind should definitely be among the social media scheduling tool you should be considering.

Finally, although it is not a simple tool to use or its price for some is not necessarily “small businesses”, Tagboard is a tool for content in the social media market. It will allow you to produce live content for your social networks with a professional appearance and using templates and templates that will make production and editing at the moment much easier. It’s like having a production team for your social networks.

It takes some time to master its functionalities, but it could be a crucial factor for personal brands or establishments that want to produce video content and differentiate themselves from the rest.

Google is the first step to understand the capabilities of your online presence or website. Not for nothing it is the most used search engine in the world and the most visited page, so it is natural to start here. With Google Analytics (GA) you can have a general understanding of your website, the users of your app, the performance of your content creation, products, and much more. GA will also provide exclusive analysis related to its special machine learning capabilities. Finally, being a Google tool, once the data they can provide you is completed, it will be much easier to decide whether to invest in having more visibility on their search engines or you still lack content for it.

Without a doubt, GA is a content marketing tool to determine where you are in terms of every critical aspect related to digital marketing.

Infusionsoft (IS) is a very complete application developed by Keap, who offers various organizational tools that will help you avoid having your work spread out between emails, online spreadsheets, and messages. Although these services do not fall within what we call “content marketing” it is a functionality to consider if you are a small business but still need to be in contact with the team members effectively.

However, within the content marketing area, Keap offers its Infusionsoft product as one of the most complete content marketing tools to automate your marketing and sales efforts. Basically, this app makes it easy your CRM processes by automating contact with potential customers, sending messages, and even monitoring the “after-sales”. It is also possible to automate email campaigns. Other services include automation of payments through PayPal and naturally, each action carried out through its platform can generate statistics for further analysis.

Infusionsoft provides tools for content related to how interactive your brand is online. It can also be used and be more helpful than most email marketing tools.

Much of online marketing is about establishing a direct communication channel with your potential customers. This activity can be complicated if you do not have the help of a team. Content generation and even publication of it at certain times, with certain characteristics, can also be a subject that requires great dedication.

Hootsuite is a content marketing tool that will help you solve those problems because it is a data hub for interactions and status in all your social networks. It’s a great way to take an overview of all the conversations your online presence generates and plan actions and responses in an organized way. Hootsuite will also help you plan and schedule your social media content in advance.

Now, let’s say that you already have mastered communication with your customers and you have hard data about the performance of your content. What is the next step? Ahrefs could be the next step.

The fundamental idea of these content marketing tools is to help you position yourself better in search engines, a strategy that we know today as “SEO optimization”. There is a lot written about it and perhaps you may feel that you need to be an expert in order to optimize your content and your website for SEO, but Ahrefs is an intermediate tool, with which you can take your first steps in the matter. Ahrefs can explore and audit your website, help you identify problem areas, and provide substantial keyword help with which you could build your content to increase your presence and gain more prospects.

Ahrefs is a content marketing tool that will help you to compete with content marketers and make your own search engine optimization while you learn a lot. It will definitely help with your marketing strategy and refine your content.

If your main channel of sales and contact with clients is Twitter, a more concentrated and specific alternative could be to use Tweriod, which is a free social media tool that will allow you to know the habits of your followers and in this way get interesting statistics to know in what times of the day it is convenient for you to publish your content and try to interact with your audience. It is really a support tool that will give you a very useful extra just for this channel, and will definitely help you improve the ROI in Twitter content.

BuzzSumo offers a series of content marketing tools aimed primarily at improving your content strategy. Their services focus on three aspects: a) Finding ideas on which to build your content pillars b) Finding influencers within your niche or aligned with your content c) Monitor results and automatize statistics related to performance and quality of your content.

It is a very complete content marketing tool if your sales and marketing strategy includes, by nature, attracting potential clients by building interesting content for your audience.

Kred is an ideal content marketing tool for personal brands. Their services will allow you to know how influential you are online and know which of your contacts are the ones that are helping you to promote and amplify that influence. Although it is subjective information based on various metrics correlated by them, Kred could be a reasonable starting point to understand the actual value of your personal brand and design much more specific actions to increase your growth in networks.

Among other content marketing tools out there, Kred is one of the best for personal branding and is really easy to use.

One theory that has been around for a while is the “sales funnel.” Although in some vague way we all apply it, since “locating potential customers” is based on this theory, ClickFunnels is a more specialized tool that will save you hours and maybe days of work trying to determine how wide that content funnel should be to allow you to capture potential customers and bring them to your sales page. So, although ClickFunnels is not really a content tool, it will help you refine your content marketing strategy by providing you with a very intuitive method, and that will ultimately help you have more clarity in your leads and sales strategy.

ClickFunnels with its drag and drop interface will help to plan your website like content marketers experts.

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