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Video Transcript – Episode 1 – Introduction

Hello, hola, and bienvenido, and welcome everyone to Professionally Hispano. Today’s video is an introduction to the channel and what I hope to achieve with this channel, and also what you may be able to find in terms of content on a go -forward basis. So here’s what we’re gonna review. This is just gonna be a brief video, and it describes exactly who I am, the history of this idea, what I hope to achieve, and also what is to come. So my name is Fernando Pena, And I’m a marketing and technology executive with over 26 years of experience, mostly in financial services. So I’ve worked for a number of banks, and also just financial services in general. I’ve also had exposure to other industries as well, through my consulting practice, and then also through working at an advertising agency. Right now I run a business called Rokture, where I provide fractional marketing executive services, mostly focusing on the digital channel. And so here you’ve got my contact information and and if you’d like

to speak specifically about those topics then please reach out to me But we’re here to talk about is is this channel that I’m starting called professionally panel And the history of this is this is an idea that I’ve had brewing for a long time so I actually bought the domain back in 2008 professionally panel calm and I launched it as a web forum and And so I reached out to a number of different Hispanic affinity groups, and I got some decent traction initially, but I never really had a clear objective or vision, and so it sort of just died. And I always thought this was a great idea, but it stood idle for many years until I relaunched it in 2019 as a blog, but again, it just fizzled out. And the reason why I think this is so important is just because we Hispanics are a growing audience and I just don’t think that there’s a lot of sort of emphasis on those of us in the professional space. And also a lot of the news that comes out of Hispanics from mainstream media or about Hispanics from

mainstream media is often negative and not really trying to build up the community, but more so posing us as the enemy from within. But what I hope to achieve here is that the Hispanic population is growing, but again, it’s not traditionally seen as a white -collar type of resource, so oftentimes when the mainstream media portrays Hispanics, it’s in sort of service -oriented or labor -oriented professions and not necessarily a part of the white -collar industries that are flourishing today. So what I hope to do is to create a community and a channel for those that are traditionally underserved and under -acknowledged and this is a growing segment of the population. The Hispanic population is the largest minority group and and I just don’t think that you hear a lot of positivity around us and and that’s something that I’d like to change. So the type of topics that I’m going to cover around career growth, education, society and and just also inspiration too. So I’d like to to make sure that

I involve those of you who are following in terms of topic selection or maybe even interviewing certain businesses or individuals who have succeeded and can serve as a sort of guiding light to those that want to be able to accomplish the same.

So what is to come? Primarily what I’d like to do is just create, I’ve got a list of topics that I’m going to go ahead and start addressing and creating videos around those topics. But I’d like your input as well because there’s a lot that in those 26 plus years that I’ve experience throughout my career that I’d like to share with everyone here and also there’s a lot that I haven’t experienced and in that case then I would like your input to make sure that I’m addressing all the topics that are of interest to this audience. I’m also going to probably create some blogs and encourage some discussion on my website You can see the URL here on the screen. But otherwise let’s just continue to have these conversations on YouTube and cover whatever topics might be of interest to you. So submit those topics so that we can highlight individuals, businesses, or just different types of trends or discussions that we want to have on this channel. And then of course, subscribe

for future updates. No YouTube video is complete without asking for a like and a subscribe. So I’d like to go ahead and do that. So again, this is just an introduction, very short, but I’ll go ahead and start posting content or creating content on here soon and we can have some really good informative and engaging discussions. So be well and we’ll talk again soon. Thanks. Bye bye.

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