Top Bookkeeping Tools for Small Business

You know you need some help crunching the numbers—so what are the best bookkeeping tools for small business? We’ve pulled together a few of the best bookkeeping and accounting software for small businesses so that you can make a choice with confidence. Plus, once you tackle this, you can move onto more fun business tasks like “what should I stock the office fridge with?” (La Croix is a big hit in my office!)

Let’s get down to business…small business. You could be here for a couple of different reasons. Maybe your business needs accounting support, but you don’t have the overhead to hire a full-time accountant. Don’t worry, there are some very easy to use accounting solutions that don’t require a master’s degree in business or finance. In fact, there are a few tools that will automate a lot of your bookkeeping processes for you. It’s like hiring an employee that you don’t have to pay.

You could be here because you actually are the paid accountant or consultant for a small business, but you’re not sure which tool to recommend to a company of this size. If you do accounting or consulting for multiple companies, you already know that no two businesses are the same. Especially across industries, bookkeeping needs can vary greatly. The good news for you is that there are software options with a wide range of customization, so you will only pay for the features you need.

The bottom line is this: you want accounting tools that will help your business finances, not hurt them. You need something affordable, functional, and designed to help manage small businesses. Take a look at these bookkeeping and accounting software programs for small businesses, and keep track of which features suit your needs.

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