Best Link Building Tools to Increase Your Rankings

An aspect that is sometimes neglected when building our digital strategy is link building. It’s true, if you work with a specialized marketing agency, Link Building will be within the plans that they will suggest, but if on the contrary, you do not have the help of specialized services, the term might seem confusing.

Link building is nothing more than an SEO optimization practice that comprises building a series of links or backlinks that lead to your page from other sites of greater “authority”. In other words, backlinks consist of having your website better referenced on more popular sites.

The entryway to link building processes is to use your own digital channels, but there are other ways, such as appearing referenced in news portals or being mentioned by influencers in your product’s niche. You can achieve this “manually” by asking, contacting influencers, etc, but there are also tools that will help you with this task and you can end up having a well-referenced website through your digital channels and on many other portals.

In this list we will review the best tools to do link building – a comprehensive reading of what these apps can do for your website will help you understand the concept and think of an implementation strategy that suits your business, regardless of your size.

We will start by reviewing JustReachOut as it will help you with some basic link building activities that are attracting the press and journalists. JustReachOut will look for journalists, influencers, or podcasters whose editorial line and content are ideal to promote your services or products. What do you gain from this? After finding these desirable candidates, the next step is to send a communication to these people and be mentioned, interviewed, or referenced by them

JustReachOut’s Public Relations team will help you with this task as well, editing your communications before they are sent to the selected subjects or you can select templates that have a proven response rate to build from there.

Although only the candidate search is the automated process that JustReachOut offers and the rest of the work must be organized by you, this tool is a great way to increase your visibility on the internet and even build lasting relationships.

Linkody offers an initial perspective on different automated searches that you can run to optimize your backlinks. It is not the best tool, but it is one of the cheapest on the market, so if you are still not sure about integrating this process into your digital marketing activities, Linkody can be a good initial step. It has a fairly competent indexer of the pages with more links related to your niche, which is a good starting point, to see what is working for your competition and improve your rankings. Other interesting services are email notifications every time you get a new link.

Linkody is a competent tool for link building and as we mentioned it is ideal to take the first step if you are a small business and you are still improving your digital marketing plan.

Ahrefs is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools to perform Link Building and increase your rankings, but it is difficult to use and designed for experts in SEO content. Although, with some practice, non-advanced users can become experts using the tool. Ahrefs has a lot of benefits not related to link building that are worth checking if you are on the path of implementing a complete SEO optimization plan.

Regarding link building Ahrefs undoubtedly has one of the most robust directories and can show you all the sites where your competition is linked, which can give you great input to understand where you can be referenced with ease.

GroupHigh is like JustReachOut, but is more focused on bloggers than journalists. This is an important factor to consider because depending on the product or service you offer, it may be in your best interest to get a promotion from a Blogger or Influencer than a mention in the press. It may be easier to get a backlink from these individuals than a journalist, and if your brand or service does not yet have much authority or reputation, perhaps this is a better starting point. However, don’t think that GroupHigh is a minor Link Building tool, on the contrary, it has the largest database of bloggers and influencers compared to other services listed here.

GroupHigh also offers additional benefits, such as visual reports and the ability to import links and data directly from a web page, which is useful for doing research and building your target people’s lists.

The Moz link explorer helps you get the link data of any page of your choice and get a comprehensive analysis of that site. This will allow you to see all the links to any other page, see the authority of the domain and the page itself, and in this way understand what content is working. This will help you do interesting planning activities like comparing yourself to your competitors and understanding where they are earning their links and why.

Moz Link Explorer is the ideal tool to stand out from your competition and understand what elements of your content pillars are working to gain more visibility. Also, it’s good to consider that Moz’s full suite comes with other SEO-related services that might interest you.

With BuzzStream the link mail does building work. BuzzStream has a list rating system that allows you to build and send email communications in half of the time. Of all the tools listed here, this one probably requires the fewest number of people for online relationship building. As a bonus, it has different analytical reports, which makes BuzzStream a great ally to do email marketing and cover as many contacts as possible that may eventually refer to your website.

Majestic is one of the longest-running SEO and link tracking tools on the market. That makes it seem like its interface needs a refresh (and it is true), but on the positive side its database is one of the largest and its price is one of the cheapest. So it is a wonderful investment for its value that will also allow you to do the same as many other more expensive tools.

NinjaOutreach is an interesting search engine that will allow you to find the most influential people on Instagram or YouTube, categorize them by keywords or by niche. It is a simple and inexpensive solution if your PR plan includes establishing key contacts with the most important influencers so they can talk or reference your product and website in their content.

On the other hand, NinjaOutreach also offers solutions where you can analyze specific sites that are natural referrers of content and products.

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