Hispanic Influencers We Love and Want to Follow in 2020

Today we can safely assume that marketing of influence is perfectly democratized. Social networks like Twitter or Instagram have made it possible for regular people to reach an audience and be able to convey a message. This phenomenon is interesting because we see that many of them carry a marketing theme that differs from traditional marketing strategies, and as a matter of fact, many marketing agencies are desperately trying to hop on that bandwagon and take advantage of it.

Another interesting aspect of influencer marketing is that many celebrities have their own voice now. Before influencer marketing, we got to know more about celebrities from interview shows or articles that we read in magazines. Now it’s different. Any celebrity can have and manage her own media and address a message directly to their fans. That has brought them closer to the public, and their stardom is now perceived differently.

So now on the internet and social media, you can spread your message, and be known for being a beauty influencer, having a YouTube channel with makeup tutorials, or being a comedian to name a few. In reality, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are trying to get entertained or see what people are talking about, or maybe you’re interested in interacting with your favorite Hispanic celebrity (if you aren’t already), in this post we crafted a list with the top Hispanic influencers nowadays. Get inspiration from our list, and maybe you can be an influencer too!

Selena Gomez is an American singer, actress and producer with Mexican American. She is well known for her singing career and with her producer job, recently focused on the hit Netflix show, “13 Reasons Why”. On her social media, she shares everyday stuff about her filming, producer or singer gigs, along with other messages about important issues concerning the current state of the things in the world.

While she is not like the other influencers on this list, she certainly dominates the social media spectrum and she’s the person with the highest engagement rate in the world, according to “The Marketing Hub”.

Arguably the best football player in the world (but don’t ask Cristiano Ronaldo fans), Lionel is a professional, even on Instagram. His engagement rate is among the highest of Instagram overall, not only Hispanic ones. He loves to share memories of past gigs, family photos, or fitness routines. He rarely shares messages through IG or addressed directly to followers, but his network is interesting if you are looking to see a glimpse of the life of one the current sports superstars of the world.

While he is best known for his football career, that doesn’t make him any less influential: His over 162 million followers make him one of the most influential individuals in social media.


Another football superstar, Neymar is known for his talent but also for his bad-boy behavior on and off the football field. However, you wouldn’t see anything of this on his Instagram, which is very similar to Lionel Messi’s. You will find family photos, football gigs but also other beautifully shot portraits of him just showing off or grooming himself. It’s a perfect example of how one celebrity portrayed as a bad boy by traditional media can come across and show another facet of himself to the public.

Neymar, famous for his football career, is an example of influencer marketing using this platform to construct a different image for himself and speak over any traditional media.

Who doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez? She is one of the most talented women in the world with a career that is spread over two decades in which she literally has done everything from dancing to producing her own movies and documentaries. Jeniffer Lopez can do it all. Her social media is an interesting mix of her sharing tidbits about her day-to-day work and natural photos, which is refreshing, considering how obsessed with perfection is the portrait of her we get on traditional media.

Jennifer and the ones listed above are the only Hispanic individuals with over 100 million followers on Instagram. No matter what the media say about her, JLo has her own platform to speak her truth.

From reality TV contestant to a girl group member to solo singer superstar, Camila Cabello is well known by millennials of the world for two things: Her hit singles and her current relationship with another teen sensation: Shawn Mendes. On Instagram, she normally shares selfies or beautiful photos of herself (as every young person these days do) but also she is keen to speak or share vignettes about her political views, maybe because of her Cuban heritage.

Like JLo and other celebrities, Camila has been defining influencer marketing by raising her voice and addressing to her fans.

Eleonora Pons Maronese is a Venezuelan hard to categorize. She started her meteoric career to internet fame on Vine when she focused on comedy and physical comedy. At one time she was the most followed person on Vine. Now on Instagram after Vine’s demise, she still posts comedy stuff, but she is also a singer and a body positiveness advocate. Initially, it’s hard to understand her appeal, but after a while, you will discover that what makes Lele great is her authenticity. She put the word “relatable” in all her content and, we must say it, her song “Celoso” is a bop.

Lele is the most prominent influencer in the Hispanic world in the strict sense of the word because we mostly know her for her internet activities. She is the one to beat on any social media.

Mariand or Yuya, as she likes to be addressed, is a lifestyle influencer whose only purpose seems to be that you love the life that you have. What she loves the most is give you thoughts and templates to interact with her or for you to use with your own followers. She also is a sneaky fashion blogger and lately she developed a line of cosmetics with a unique sense of enhancing your natural skin’s beauty and providing super useful makeup tutorials.

Like Lele, Mariand defines what is to be an influencer. We mostly know her because of her online activity and for being one of the pioneers of having more than a million followers on Instagram.

Luisa Fernanda is an upcoming singer and a rising star. Her last single has over 20 million views on YouTube. What she does the most is to share beauty shots of herself and sometimes send messages to her followers about her whereabouts. Worth noticing: She is in love and expecting a baby and she is sharing everything about it and is beautiful.

Luisa is a good example of the power of social media. By gaining prominence on the internet, she can venture now into other traditional fields, like the music industry.

Michelle is THE fitness trainer. Famous for her competition profile and to be a trainer of prominent Latin stars, Michelle is the ultimate fitness coach on Instagram. She normally shares tips, routines, fitness, beauty shots, and often motivational messages. Something amazing is how she can pass from a beauty model to a fitness model in the blink of an eye.

Michelle is an example to follow in terms of how to build a business using the traditional influencers’ path. She transformed her followers into customers and raised herself as one of the fitness experts in the world.

Ruben is the most prominent Hispanic gamer with an incredible amount of influence on YouTube and Twitch. He is like our very own PewDiePie. The primary focus of his “Insta” is to share experiences. He shows photos with his friends, his current gigs, or what he is playing in a more relaxed and approachable way than his other profiles, where comedy or gameplay are the focus. It’s also worth noting how high his engagement rate is on his Instagram with almost 1M interactions for posts and also his newly launched online T-shirts store, which has pretty awesome designs, we must say.

Maybe 10 years ago monetizing a passion like video game playing and making a career out of it was difficult, or only reserved for people who actually work as a game developer or journalist. Ruben made a business with his YouTube channel and now is one of the top Hispanic influencers of the world.

For a short period, German was the most prominent Hispanic influencer out there. It’s not like he isn’t popular, but he was surpassed by other people on this list. However, German continues to be unstoppable. Initially focused on comedy skits, he is now launching his singing career and trying to find his style and place in this industry. In the meantime, he continues to be as charming as ever. If you doubt it, ask “Time magazine” who named him one of the 25 most influential people on the internet.

Back in the day, German defined what it is to be an influencer and showed how a loyal base of internet followers can listen or buy anything you said.

Olalla or Caelyt as she likes to be referred to, is an internet sharing professional and mostly a vlogger. She loves herself and wants you to love her as well. I know it sounds like a hard thing, but trust me, she is incredibly charming, fashionable, and knows how to share a story or make you laugh.

Olalla is part of the new wave of influencers who want to get on the bandwagon and discover what can happen in the future. For now, she is one of the most prominent Mexican Instagrammers and Mexican influencers out there.

Camila Coelho is a fashion influencer. Period. Almost every picture she shares is a fashion statement, and it’s art. However, she is also very relatable and lately, she has been sharing more personal experiences about being diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 9 years old, so now she aims to inspire people with fashion looks but also spread a message of acceptance and belonging to all people interested in hearing those words.

Camila is another outstanding example of influencers who convert their followers into customers or helpers to build themselves and make a career out of it.

Naomi is the most amazing Hispanic makeup artist with her own line of cosmetics. Following her is like taking a trip to see amazing transformations using makeup, and it’s worth every second of your time. Sometimes this transformation is really inspiring because it comes from a place of telling people that all of us have a star inside of us and makeup is just a vehicle. She also shares makeup tips and is cool if you are willing to learn more about this art. Worth mentioning: The quality of her products and the beauty shots are amazing.

Naomi belongs to the list of “influencers with a purpose” and “Latina Instagrammers” we love. It’s simply fantastic how she builds herself with social media and helps others to gain confidence.

Guillermo Diaz or Willy Rex is a gamer and a newlywed, and that is great. On YouTube, he shares the usual gameplays and video analysis with his more than 17 million subscribers. On Instagram the story is different, he normally shows beautiful photos of himself and his family, and everything is so well curated that it seems like a relief for his normally heavy weighted video game content. It reads weird, but trust us: it works and is wonderful. It’s like on some level he came to break the stereotype of the video game male who can’t have a normal family life.

Guillermo is an inspiration for his million subscribers, followers, and the general public who want to know all about gamers.

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