Hispanic Influencers We Love and Want to Follow in 2020

Today we can safely assume that marketing of influence is perfectly democratized. Social networks like Twitter or Instagram have made it possible for regular people to reach an audience and be able to convey a message. This phenomenon is interesting because we see that many of them carry a marketing theme that differs from traditional marketing strategies, and as a matter of fact, many marketing agencies are desperately trying to hop on that bandwagon and take advantage of it.

Another interesting aspect of influencer marketing is that many celebrities have their own voice now. Before influencer marketing, we got to know more about celebrities from interview shows or articles that we read in magazines. Now it’s different. Any celebrity can have and manage her own media and address a message directly to their fans. That has brought them closer to the public, and their stardom is now perceived differently.

So now on the internet and social media, you can spread your message, and be known for being a beauty influencer, having a YouTube channel with makeup tutorials, or being a comedian to name a few. In reality, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are trying to get entertained or see what people are talking about, or maybe you’re interested in interacting with your favorite Hispanic celebrity (if you aren’t already), in this post we crafted a list with the top Hispanic influencers nowadays. Get inspiration from our list, and maybe you can be an influencer too!

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