Best Hispanic Bloggers of 2020

Different times require different approaches, and we are certainly living in different times. Since the appearance of blogging platforms and later on the social networks, the accessibility for people who want to deliver a message or convey an idea has never been broader. 

Some people try to signal this as a problem, but in reality, it’s only an expansion of everyday conversation. You are now reaching more people, and rather than seeing that as a negative, it’s preferable to experience this as an opportunity to curate for yourself, what content you want to read and engage with. Why focus on an idea that you don’t like while you can read and take part in a conversation that is 100% of your interest?

With the blogging platforms expanding and exploding in numbers, there are even more types of content to consume online. You are no longer limited to magazines to look at amazing fashion photoshoots. You are no longer needed to be part of a club and pay a share to get to know people of your country while you are an immigrant. You don’t need to matriculate in a course to learn valuable lessons of home decor or how to cook.

With that spirit, we have curated THE definitive list of Hispanic bloggers to love and follow today. It’s a great experience to connect with people who share a similar origin, and to read or learn from them. You will discover your own curated list of tasteful, useful or simply fun things, all coming from our own people.

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  1. So happy you mentioned Dian Janisbel! She’s such a lovely presence! I just checked her out and I love her style! There are probably a lot of other bloggers and institutions on the list that I will enjoy and I will check them out soon.

  2. So many good hispanic places to learn from! I follow a few of those and a few of the bloggers you mentioned but I could still find some that I did not know about so I’m grateful for those. Thank you!

    Oh, by the way, Claudya Martinez is twice in this list :), number 17 and 45.