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No one can understand better Latino culture than another Latino, right? We have certain traits related to our Caribbean and beachy origins that distinguish us from other cultures. Our relationships and views about certain aspects like food, clothes, and why not say it – touching each other while greeting, just to name a few, are something that we learn since childhood, which also conditions our way of seeing life and approaching it in our own unique way.

Another way to put it: Everyone knows when a Latino is in the house!

So, for that reason, it totally makes sense that when we are trying to look for content related to fashion, travel, beauty, or even food, we seek the advice of our fellow Latinos, who would recommend or like things closer to our personal preferences. This is the reason behind this post, in which we listed the best Latina bloggers to follow and seek advice or information from, or just to read and relax, as well as support fellow Latinos.

In this post, we are listing the best Latina women to seek content and information about beauty, fashion, products, style, travel, or tips. This list isn’t in any particular order. We aren’t playing favorites! But really, you can follow all of them and your life will improve immediately.

Language: English

Yessi is the coolest latina, just as simple as that. Her blog, or creative space as she calls it, covers many women’s interests nowadays, like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle of course, but also business. Her goals are to share her experiences, intending to serve, inspire, and help latina women feel confident. As for business, she is also a skilled media manager who gives tips and marketing strategies to improve your social profile.

So, if you are looking to look better, feel better but also a way to share everything with the world, and you are a latina, Yessi Bause’s creative space is for you. Her views on latina fashion, social media, and beauty are inspiring and also you can follow her on Instagram and other social media.

Language: Spanish

What’s better than starting with food? Veronica is an amazing latina cook and a published author too. She specializes in Cuban food but she can also tackle any Latin recipe. Right now she is focused on Mexican dishes. Something great about her approach is that she transforms traditional recipes into something easy to do in modern times. If you need to recreate that dish your Abuelita used to make for you, this is the blog that you should visit.

Language: Spanish / English

Denisse is an inspiration. Although her project is now a charity organization, she still shares really moving content. Her lofty goals are to help provide food for families living in impoverished areas and to work with kids providing education or emotional healing through several activities, and in general, to support Latin America. To do so, the Orphaned Earring recycles donated jewelry to make and sell unique bracelets to raise money. It was an innovative method to collect funds and attention back in 2012 when her work started. 100% of the profits go to organizations across Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

On her blog, you can find useful information aimed to improve everyone’s lives, and also a lot of content related to parenting.

Language: English

How to look good on a budget? How to have a lifestyle without thinking that phrase means being affluent? Well, to answer that question you have Priscilla. Her primary goal is to be an inspiration to women, men, and moms interested in budget-friendly fashion. Originally from Nicaragua and now living in the US, she also has the intention of sharing Nicaraguan talent with the world, through her platform. Her beautiful curated photos and well-written posts are an instant hook.

Priscilla is a latina fashion influencer, a beauty blogger, and a social media expert all in one. You can also follow her on Instagram and YouTube.

Language: English

So many latina bloggers, but really, to meet Olga Maria is to love Olga Maria. Her story per se, without reading her content, is inspirational. A girl from Puerto Rico who was bullied in school because of a leg condition, leaves everything behind to live in the US and pursue her dreams. As she declares, her aim is “turning the negative into something positive like a brand”. Amazing. Latina. Period.

In her blog, she explores and shares how to travel as a solo female latina. It’s an interesting mix because you can get every necessary information about traveling to a particular destination, but also you get to know how to travel solo as a woman, which you soon discover is a whole different world. It’s interesting but also empowering, especially in a world that is still trying to rule what a woman can or can’t do.

Language: English

Jessica, as she defines herself, is a healthy lifestyle latina enthusiast. And of course, there is a ton of content like that on the web today, but Jessica is different for two things: 1) she has two very young kids. 2) She is on her own fitness journey. So she isn’t, by a mile, your regular perfectly hot fitness guru. She is your close friend, a confidante, a blogger who’s not afraid to share her knowledge, but also shows you that life with two kids and fitness goals isn’t always perfect.

Jessica’s content is perfect for people who have a family and a full-time job, but also want to live a happy and fit life without complicating the process. She only shares tips and things she experienced herself and that is relatable, and proven effective.

Language: English

Xio is a beautiful latina girl, and that isn’t her greatest virtue. In reality, she is a girl who is curious about everything. She has a passion for discovery and learning things, so in her blog you will find posts from nutrition to animal care and everything in between. So, besides learning something (and you will) her posts are also funny and really entertaining. It’s the ideal space to read, learn, and relax.

Xio is also an expert graphic designer, photographer, and brand manager. So if you care about those topics, you can learn about it or connect with her agency specialized in those areas.

Language: English / A little Spanish

OMG, Claudya is life in cyberspace. It’s hard to classify her content, but the best way to put it is: It’s about her and it’s often humorous, delicious, and inspirational. How’s that for a blog? She writes to entertain, teach how to cook really classic family recipes, or sometimes she talks about the importance of family. Many latina women can claim to be a cool mom, but Claudya is that mom, and she is here to prove it.

What else to say? Just visit this blog everyday, it will remind you how Latin people can see the humor in everything and is great.

Language: English

Like other latina bloggers, Sasha covers several topics from beauty, travel, and fashion. What makes hers stand out is the positive vibe. After reading some of her posts, you will be in the mood of “A woman can do anything” from buying her own diamond ring to dressing as she wants, to embracing whatever type of body she has. Another thing interesting to note is her beautifully curated photos, often showing her wearing fashionable ensembles, spaces, places she visits, and items of her interest. She is also the creator of New to Dallas Guide, “a media company focused on showcasing local businesses and events around the city.”

Language: English

Perhaps out of all the other blogs on the list, the less polished, but I encourage you: Don’t let that fool you. Diana is a flight attendant with a degree in tourism, so she has a unique eye for travel and can show you how to do the best, no matter what your budget. Her posts are both welcoming but straight to the point: where to eat, where to stay and what to do. She shares beautiful, not-pretentious photos, more like the type a family will share with you about their trip, and honestly, that is refreshing.

If you want to travel and want to know exactly how much you need: This is your latina blog.

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