Mexican American Bloggers to Follow in 2020

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Mexican American these days? Or perhaps you are one of them? Whatever is the case, being a Mexican American is an interesting mix of cultures and it’s a lot to take on. 

The relationship between the two countries has been used as a political tool for many years on both sides but on the other hand, Aztec and North American people have been friends for a long time. Many Americans embraced their neighbor’s culture as their own, creating amazing spaces where food, music and growing together has been a beautiful coming together in places like Texas. Therefore, it’s not strange that many young Americans have Mexican roots or vice versa, creating unique spaces where festivities, family, and culture reach new heights.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find content related to your particular heritage or point of view, but once you find it it’s refreshing and this is the intention behind this post. Here you will meet the best Mexican Instagrammers, bloggers, and influencers based in the US or vice versa. Soon, you will find out how great it is to read and interact with the community around these social media influencers.

So, let’s check out this list and prepare to improve your social media world.

Daiana is a Mexican based in Colorado. Her days are all about fitness, and she is amazing. She is the one to follow to get to know what routines are better for you and for sure she knows the importance of the booty for Latin people, so if you are looking to improve in that area, well, on her Instagram you will find all the information you might need. Sometimes she is involved in politics but in a very light way, or shares photos with her boyfriend, who is from Honduras.
Daiana is one of the best and active bloggers on this list if you love fitness and are looking for related content.

Melissa is a beauty and fashion influencer who loves to share her life. Her principal focus is beauty, makeup, and sharing shopping tips. She often posts beautiful looks of herself and is very inspiring in terms of how to dress if you are a Latina and want to showcase your figure in a very feminine way. Today she is more focused on her Youtube channel and gives all kinds of self improvement tips there.

Melissa is a one of the current latina instagrammers and latina fashionistas to consider.

Maya started out as your regular blogger, “I can do anything from singing to acting” kind of thing. But lately, she is more focused on her Instagram and producing video content for an amazing YouTube Channel called “Pero Like” which, as you might notice, is focused on the tidbits or Mexican culture with a pinch of humor. She is also an advocate for the “wellness” lifestyle and if you want to know more about it, just follow her.

Maya is an excellent example of “bloggers who can grow” and to follow her is to follow a journey of growth and love for what she does.

Claudya is a treasure, and you’ll have trouble trying to put her in a box. Sometimes she is funny, other times she cooks delicious recipes, and often she is inspirational. She embodies what it’s like to be a blogger by offering a wide variety of content. Her views about the importance of family and the way she can find humor in every situation, from cooking to parenting, will stick with you as one of the traits we share as Latin People.

Follow her, love her and be constantly reminded how great it is to be part of a family with Latino traditions.

Julie is a California Girl with Latin heritage. Like many California girls, she loves summer looks, but she takes this love and puts it on another level. She is a fashion influencer doing her thing and lately, she is working with Billabong and launched a collection under her own name. On her blog, you can find a lot of fashion material or even buy some of her favorite pieces.

Julie is one of the top bloggers and Mexican influencers in the world. She’s a beauty, just doing her thing.

Yovana is a healthy lifestyle ambassador and guru from Mexico who lives between Mexico City and California with her husband. Her journey from party girl to health advocate is really interesting and well documented in her blog. She is a really gifted cook and shares healthy recipes that will blow your mind for two things: easy to make and flavor. The overall appearance of her feed and blog is an instant hook.

Yovana still possesses that classic appeal of traditional bloggers that like to tell stories and grow through the years.

Paola is a fashion influencer and a mom. On her Instagram, you will find stunning photos of her looks, family portraits, or videos of her adorable kid. She obviously has an affluent lifestyle and if you are into that kind of content but also want to recreate at least some of her looks, you can do so by shopping her selection of low price pieces on Amazon.

Paola is a beauty who travels and shops and wants you to follow her steps.

Luan is a latino video listicle professional. By seeing his charming videos about anything that you can think about, you will learn, find, or simply get to know more about the world we live in. On Instagram, he is more your regular influencer who travels a lot, loves his girl, and makes super funny 15 seconds videos. Still not sure? Maybe knowing that he has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube can change your mind about checking him out. That makes him one of the top Hispanic YouTubers to consider.

Bianca is a certified holistic nutritionist, camera enthusiast, illustrator, writer. Seems like a lot, but in reality, she’s super endearing. Almost every picture on her Instagram has a message or a question to think about and it’s kinda refreshing not only to see beautiful pictures of herself but also to reflect on them. Her artwork and recipes are beyond this world and following her will immediately put you in a peaceful state of mind.

The Crafty Chica is the place to learn to make beautiful stuff for yourself. She has tons of project videos and tutorials to virtually accomplish any DIY projects, like home decor, clothing, or stationery, just to name a few. With her, you learn how to use resources available on hand. Also, she is so charming, that even if you aren’t planning to create the things shown in those tutorials, you will want to watch the videos anyway, just to hear her speak and see the final results.

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