Best Keyword Research Tools for Small Business SEO

Knowing the keywords that people or potential customers search online is one of the foundational elements of preparing search engine optimized content. Although it is always possible to create content that generates clicks and goes viral, the complexity and the enormous amount of information available, it has complicated the visibility of web pages to levels never seen before. This visibility barrier gets even more complex if we add the fact that both Google as well as social networks have been changing their platforms to give priority to paid visibility spaces. If you don’t pay, you are less visible to the public.

However, this is where optimized content comes into play and allows you to make yourself visible in search engines with no paid advertising, but even when you pay for online visibility, ​​optimizing your content will only further the purpose of generating greater visibility for your website.

In creating optimized content is where keyword search engines play a super important role since they allow you to determine common words associated with your product or service that will serve as a guide to prepare useful information for your potential buyers and lead them to your website.

Let’s start with the free tool offered by the most popular search engine. Contrary to what you might think, Google Keyword Planner is a good keyword search engine. The best thing about this service is that it offers a historical record of the words searched and how they change over time. This will help you further refine your list of keywords as you can remove keywords that are showing signs of exhaustion from your lists.

By being a Google tool, Keyword Planner will also indicate ​​the cost per word in case after the review you decide to complement it with a paid advertising plan. In the end, the utility is basic, but it is free, so it is worth at least reviewing.

Long Tail Pro adapts to the new trends of SEO optimization, where the new trends are the “long tail words” that focus more on searches for phrases rather than keywords or unique terms. These key phrases are more useful to differentiate yourself from your audience at the content level, but also to reach your target audience more objectively.

Long Tail Pro is a premium tool that will take keyword search to a new level by expanding the possibilities to complete phrases and can be a great option if you want to offer content much more suited to your niche on your website or social media.

Keyword Tool is a complementary tool for the use of Google Ads. It works mainly with Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter. For each of the aforementioned networks or search engines, it offers an exhaustive keyword search service, where you can filter them by many elements such as search volume and competition.

Keyword Tool is a professional tool that will serve as a compliment if you already have some experience in creating optimized content, but it can also be used freely to get relevant information about the most searched words and that at least will serve as an inspiration for the creation of content.

KWFinder is another tool for searching keywords, but also long tail keywords. The service has a wide variety of benefits for searching words and phrases and also offers an analysis of the keywords used by your competition. Other benefits of its use comprise the massive import of keywords from websites and the possibility of filtering the words that “are not profitable”.

An unusual but welcome feature: it works with many languages, including Spanish.

GrowthBar is a complete suite for creating smart SEO content, but naturally, keyword research is within its benefits. One of its strengths is the evaluation of competitiveness per word which can be used to make a smarter decision about including a word within your content strategy. Remember that the most searched keyword may not always be the best idea depending on how much authority your page has and how good your backlinks are, so this analysis is a welcome feature if you are starting out in the world of keywords.

Other possibilities of GrowthBar include searching for keywords used by your competition or reviewing the words used that are being promoted by paid services.

SpyFu is another tool for your SEO strategy that works with various aspects of such optimization. One of its main focuses is the analysis of the competition and the keywords they use. SpyFu can also show you how your website is positioned and even check your backlinks.

As its name implies, SpyFu is a tool designed for a marketing strategy that includes a positioning within a highly competitive niche or market area where you could not enter without taking a critical eye on what your competitors are doing.

Jaaxy’s biggest claim is to be a platform created by marketers for marketers. Jaaxy is a tool that is highly specialized in keyword research, competition, and market research. For keyword research, Jaaxy can make available to the user more than 8.7m words, which are renewed on a monthly basis. That is much more than what can be researched manually and will undoubtedly save you time to plan your content. Another interesting aspect of the benefits that Jaaxy offers for the analysis of the competition is a complete understanding of the elements that are helping your competition to be better ranked, including keywords.

Jaaxy is one of the best tools for planning your content that includes both sides of the coin: an effective search for key terms and an accurate analysis of the competition.

SECockpit is a tool designed for marketing professionals who are SEO experts. It is undoubtedly one of the best keywords researchers. SECockpit works with “seed terms,” this means that after giving it a key term, the tool will provide you with many phrases and associated terms which can be categorized in different ways and then used in your content creation strategy.

SECockpit is somewhat of a difficult tool to use and even requires that you are familiar with other tools such as Google Keyword, so it will only be valuable if you have an SEO expert in your work team.

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