Best SEM Tools for Search Engine Marketing

Best SEM Tools for Search Engine Marketing

Being visible on search engines and especially on Google is a fundamental issue for any business that wants to reach a wide audience today. Most new consumers will have contact with your product or service once they have done a quick search on their phones or desktops and will probably make their purchase decision on the first page of results.

You can have excellent content aimed to solve any problem or issue and still not appear in the first results of search pages. This is because Google and most search engines will give priority to web pages that have a certain amount of keywords, are properly referenced, among other characteristics that will be a sign for them that your website has the relevant answers related to those keywords.

How to achieve this? It is possible to use tools with different levels of sophistication to increase the ranking of your website and be much more visible on the results pages. These tools will allow us to have a broader understanding of the quality of your website, the processes that you must optimize to improve your rank, and even provide relevant information to adjust your content and, for example, include other keywords so many more leads reach your page.

Another aspect to consider is that search engines are constantly growing and what works today to position your page may not be so important tomorrow, so it is crucial to have a tool that audits our website and helps you keep it in tune with algorithm modifications.

We have compiled for you a variety of tools that will help you do SEM quickly and easily.

Since 2018, Semrush has been recognized as one of the best tools for the optimization of web pages and rankings. Since that year they have done nothing but expand their services and today they have utilities to cover virtually all aspects necessary for web optimization. With over 40 tools available, with Semrush you can find the keywords that apply to your niche, audit your site to “improve your health”, analyze your competition, and even manage your social networks. Semrush really has a tool for everything, but where it really shines is the optimization of both local and global pages.

SEMRush is one of the most complete search engine marketing tools and keyword research apps that will help you significantly to improve your digital marketing strategy

Google Page Speed is not a tool to do SEM properly, but it is a good starting point to analyze your web page with direct information from the largest search engine. Consider inserting your website’s URL here and considering Google recommendations. There is nothing to lose, it is absolutely free.

Google Page Speed will help you with your search engine marketing strategy and also have a different understanding of search results, SEM tools, and quality score.

One issue to consider when optimizing your website is whether it is convenient for you to focus more on your local customers. This will depend, of course, on the type of product or service you offer and if it is only available to customers who gravitate around you. If that is the case, it will be much more convenient for you to focus on improving your ranking with the local listing and adjust your content to attract local leads. Tools to optimize for local SEO do not differ too much from other more generalized tools, but it is always good to have more specialized help for our needs. With Moz, it is possible to have both elements besides traditional SEM tools such as keyword research and website audits.

Moz can be a significant deal for your search engine marketing process and your digital marketing strategy. It’s a complete SEM tool.

Keyword Tool is a simple tool that will allow you to get a quick analysis of the keywords on the most important search engines and also on the most prominent social networks, such as Twitter or Instagram. There is a professional version for Instagram, but in reality, you can take advantage of its free/low-cost version to adjust your content to the most searched words on the web and also on social networks.

Keyword Tool can be a complementary step in your search engine marketing process. It’s also very similar to Google Keyword planner.

Yoast is without a doubt one of the most popular tools to perform SEM optimization. There are many reasons, but probably most of them are associated with its ease of use and also its complete integration with WordPress, which continues to be the preferred platform for hosting websites. If you want to start in the world of SEM optimization, Yoast is a great option and perhaps the best if you work with WordPress. Yoast has a large community of users and libraries from which you can learn the best optimization techniques on your own and according to themselves, you will not need to hire an SEO expert.

Browseo is not a tool that will help you optimize your page conventionally or directly. Browseo is an “SEO browser” that will allow you to identify which part of your website’s content applies to search engines and listings. It is a simple tool that will allow you to cross information between your own website and your competition’s, for example.

Browseo can be another complementary tool in your search engine marketing plan and can be an unexpected helpful marketing helper.

XML-Sitemaps is a great help to get a general understanding of how your website is organized, to get a “map” of it. This map can then be submitted to search engines to help them determine your website more effectively and can also help you organize your page and make it easier for your visitors to find information. Carrying out actions aimed at intuitively organizing your web pages will undoubtedly help you position yourself better in search engines and can be considered as an SEM process.

XML-Sitemaps is a tool to do extra steps in order to improve your search engine marketing SEM ranking and can be an extra step to do along if you already have other SEM tools.

SimilarWeb is a service that will help you achieve SEM optimization by comparison against the content of your competition. SimilarWeb offers a different way to do SEM based on the differentiation regarding your competitors. For this, it focuses on 3 great services. First is the digital marketing part, where according to your selected niche, its tool will reveal the most effective strategies used by the market and those of your competition. Second, we have the “smart research” side that will allow you to explore your market, discover trends before others, and analyze your competitive advantages. They base the third service on the sales funnel, where Similar Web will help you with strategies to expand your sales funnel and attract more prospects.

SimilarWeb will offer you another side of search engine marketing SEM, and can be helpful if you are participating in a tight market.

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