Best Local SEO Tools to Improve your Search Rankings

Are you a brick and mortar shop, with a physical address in your city, offering local services such as doctors and dentists, or selling hats and hardware? If so, there’s no point in investing to get your website ranking nationally on the top page of Google. What you’re more interested in is targeting your local customer base in the geographical area where your shop is located.

There are a lot of factors that can help improve your local SEO, such as relevance, distance and prominence. If your services match what your audience is looking for, then you’re considered relevant. Although this sounds straightforward, trying to perform this in a way that Google understands your language means that you need to optimize your keywords from an SEO perspective. Similarly, search engines can gauge the geographical distance better if you add your business as a Google My Business listing, Facebook listing, and on local Yelp listings. Social mentions and links from related local businesses can also help your local ranking.

So to perform well on your local search engine results, what you need are tools that can optimize your website to rank on search engines, locally.

Below you will find powerful tools to list and find keywords associated with the products that will connect you with your local consumer so you can write relevant content that will help you improve your rankings.

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