Best Local SEO Tools to Improve your Search Rankings

Are you a brick and mortar shop, with a physical address in your city, offering local services such as doctors and dentists, or selling hats and hardware? If so, there’s no point in investing to get your website ranking nationally on the top page of Google. What you’re more interested in is targeting your local customer base in the geographical area where your shop is located.

There are a lot of factors that can help improve your local SEO, such as relevance, distance and prominence. If your services match what your audience is looking for, then you’re considered relevant. Although this sounds straightforward, trying to perform this in a way that Google understands your language means that you need to optimize your keywords from an SEO perspective. Similarly, search engines can gauge the geographical distance better if you add your business as a Google My Business listing, Facebook listing, and on local Yelp listings. Social mentions and links from related local businesses can also help your local ranking.

So to perform well on your local search engine results, what you need are tools that can optimize your website to rank on search engines, locally.

Below you will find powerful tools to list and find keywords associated with the products that will connect you with your local consumer so you can write relevant content that will help you improve your rankings.

BrightLocal is not only a tool for local SEO, but it is a complete platform to do all your online marketing. For local SEO they have a lot of benefits, from looking for your local positioning, auditing the architecture of your website, and helping you improve in local searches. Among other benefits are a reputation checker and a “Citation Builder” that help you improve your positioning in local directories.

BrightLocal is a great local SEO option, which, although it is not free, comes with a series of benefits. It is an ideal start if you have a presence in less than 4 locations. However, it is expandable to more locations if you require it later.

Similar to BrightLocal, Serpstat will help you with a variety of tasks and not just Local SEO, but despite that claim, actually where Serpstat is most useful is in finding the most profitable keywords used by your competitors to rank well locally. Another differentiating service from Serpstat is to segregate low-volume queries from high-volume queries in order to provide relevant information that perhaps potential customers with the same purchasing power are looking for, but which are ultimately relegated because they are not so common among search engines and rankings. This is useful because your local consumer may not fall within the average and have a hard time finding specific services that you might offer.

With its most economical plan, Serpstat will give you access to its most useful tools for local SEO and local rankings.

Moz is one of the most popular and well-known tools for improving your performance in terms of Local SEO and Search Rankings. One reason for this popularity is the continuous improvement and synchronization of the data that Moz’s servers collect locally with its global servers. This allows Moz to compute existing and unfamiliar words and searches much faster and more efficiently. This will help you build very current content and for real time.

Moz also has other benefits that can be useful, such as helping you to monitor your online grades and eliminating duplicate names from those directories where you appear, making it a complete tool for your online marketing.

Yext is probably the number 1 SEO tool for countless businesses and brands. However, Yext is stronger at improving your directory rankings and locating those leads who only need a call to action from you to convert into customers. Yext’s keyword tool is more oriented to show you a problem-solution scheme, so think twice if this categorization of keywords is adapted to your product or service before thinking about acquiring this tool.

Yext has other benefits, like helping you rank better in local directories and monitoring your reputation. Yext is ideal for doing local SEO if your business is about solving pressing problems for your consumers.

As its name shows, SE Ranking will help you improve your positioning in local directories, but, although that is its strength, SE Ranking also has a series of benefits and tools for Local SEO and ranking improvement, from the list of keywords to the backlink monitoring. Especially useful is its research suggestion tool, which can suggest lines of content that may not be visible to you at first glance.

SE Ranking is a very complete tool for local SEO and improving rankings in local directories, but also its benefits in the categorization of words will help you strengthen your content pillars and gain more traction.

ReviewTrackers will help you improve your local ranking and do local SEO by asking and searching, which can turn into more sales. Its biggest claim is to ensure that “social conversations” are essential to increase your visibility online and ultimately in search results.

So more than providing information to create content and improve your Local SEO through this, ReviewTrackers focuses mainly on other types of strategies to speed up your growth and visibility, focused mainly on ratings and generating a positive conversation around your brand, product, or service.

Ahrefs’ biggest claim is being the tool that anyone, SEO expert or not, can use. As you can imagine this is ideal to take your first steps in this area. Despite its ease to start and use, Ahrefs is a complete tool for SEO and will help you with many services, such as optimizing your website, analyzing your competitors, identifying keywords, and even exploring your ranking in search engines and directories.

Ahrefs is a great tool to do SEO, but also needs to be taken seriously. To get the most out of the application, building and creating SEO content should be one of your priorities.

Whitespark is very focused on improving your rankings in the primary search engines like Google and Bing. This is not especially good or bad, but it is an aspect to consider when investing in making this tool your main companion to do Local SEO and improve your search rankings. It is without a doubt one of the most accurate tools to determine your local positioning in search engines and categorize them by town or in any other way of your preference. It also has a reputation builder that will help you progressively increase and improve your online ratings among directories and review pages.

Whitespark is also a good option to handle the benefits of “Google My Business”.

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